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Stop your Mokai NOT your Motor!!

Painless Clutch

*Gearbox must have 28 tooth sprocket. Earlier models that came with a clutch had a different ratio and will need to be updated. 


Designed to let you stop without shutting your motor off, and built to last. The Painless Clutch gives you the flexibility to maneuver like you never have before. Quit dealing with sucking up the bottom, just go to idle instead while you navigate the shallows. Glide over weeds and debris instead of scrambling to shut the motor off in time, just go to idle! The Painless Clutch is machined for precise fit, and given a tough powder coated finish. You won't know how you lived without one. 

Salt water use NOT recommended


Pump Rebuild


*Turnaround time for this service is 1 business day.


Your pump should move water, not be filled with it! This rebuild is recommended for all models and converts the design to oil lubrication and needle thrust bearings along with better seal design for less friction and more reliability. That equals more speed! This design was derived from Seadoo's proven Jet Pump, and reliable past 6000 rpm! 


Email to order. 



Impeller Restoration 



Ploughed through too many sandbars? Damaged impellers are easily restored to factory dimensions. The impeller is TIG welded to restore size, and machine to factory specs. This service includes a FREE FLEXRing, fit to your impeller for maximum speed. 


Email to order. 

FLEXRing Wear Ring 


This wear ring lasts longer than the factory plastic ring, and protects the impeller from damage. The secret is in the FLEX! Installs easily by hand, and can be changed in seconds without tools.  


Cable Control Conversion Kit


*Depending on demand there may be some lead time to fill orders for these. 

Tired of servos and all the problems they cause that make you use a paddle? Get rid of them and go back to real controls! This is when it gets FUN!! Enjoy reliability and cruise control too! Cables are quick release so the nesting feature is unaffected.


Email to order. 

Aluminum Steering Nozzle 


*I make these a couple times a year so availability is limited.

Replace the plastic steering nozzle with this cast aluminum version! 


Email to order if out of stock. 




*Made to order - Can take up to 5-10 business days to ship

Keep the wind and spray off of you with this heavy duty polycarbonate quick release windshield. Fits all models!


Ignition Control Box / wiring harness

*Made to order, expect up to 10 business days to ship.


I can make a simple replacement control box to replace all the solid state electronics when using my cable control conversion.  This eliminates many points of failure in connections and completely removes the ECU that has left more than a couple owners without power. Has 12v ACC power outlet, 2 breakers, key switch, pigtail for safety lanyard switch, accessory power & fuel pump, and additional switch for controlling any user installed accessory in the engine compartment. 


Pump Guard

Protect your pump with this quick release pump guard! Guard plate is 1/4" HDPE and is replaceable with 6 bolts. Mounting plate and frame are powder coated steel. Can be removed with no tools for nesting. 



Stainless High Flow Intake Grate

*Made to order - Please allow 2-3 business days to ship. 

Powder Coated Stainless Intake Grate is made from 5/16 rod for better flow and greater durability, and easy to bend back into shape should you beat it up too bad to ignore. Make sure you verify you are ordering the correct version.

Current Version

Old Version


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Muffler / Cover


This muffler is a direct replacement and offers more power, and a little less noise, while letting the engine run cooler! The cover offers protection from rain and waves so you won't take on water in the gaping hole the hood has; cannot be used with stock muffler! Your engine will thank you.


Muffler $260


Fiberglass Muffler Cover $180


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