Painless Clutch

Designed to let you stop without shutting your motor off, and built to last. The Painless Clutch gives you the flexibility to maneuver like you never have before. Quit dealing with hot starts, just go to idle instead while you navigate the shallows. Glide over weeds and debris instead of scrambling to shut the motor off in time, just go to idle! The Painless Clutch is CNC machined for precise fit and finish, and given a tough powder coated finish. You won't know how you lived without one. Salt water use not recommended.

Following the STEPS for setup specifics is required. If you don't provide the necessary information, it will delay your order until I can contact you to confirm exactly what you need. Shaft Type - For Dowel Pin, HEX Models, and Splined shafts that do not have a recessed area see Shaft Rebuilt Below, or Email me.

**THE CLUTCH WILL FIT THE ES-Kape with minor clearance work to the muffler. If you send me your muffler, I will modify it to fit for cost of materials ($10).

Don't let shaft misalignment ruin your fun!

Stock ES-kape shaft alignment below

*A Note on engagement RPM speeds. The stock spring I use in all the Subaru model clutches is for 1900 RPM. Lower engagement speeds have not been user friendly and are not recommended. Honda models get 2100 RPM since they do not idle as well as the Subaru. You can order the lower RPM spring for the Honda, but it is up to you to figure out how to adjust the idle speed to be compatible. 

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This is the replacement insert for early models which used the black rubber Buna-N version. This insert is standard in the Painless Clutch and will not wear out under normal operating conditions.

                                      Heavy Duty Urethane Insert


Shaft Type - Email for Early Dowel Pin Models
Spline Style - ( Early Spline Models Only)
Engagement RPM



















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